D.H. Pace Compliance Services is committed to safeguarding impartiality in all of its inspection activities. The documented structure, policies, and procedures of the management system have been developed with the objective of ensuring impartiality. This statement is displayed throughout visible areas of the facility and on the D.H. Pace Compliance Services web-site: It is also made available without request as part of all D.H. Pace Compliance Services advertising/information literature.

D.H. Pace Compliance Services top management, as well as all staff, are committed to providing the best quality service possible. Impartiality shall be achieved in every possible aspect in the inspection processes. The inspection labels shall be granted in an impartial manner. All the probable and potential risks involved have been assessed and are recorded along with their control measures.

Under no circumstances shall D.H. Pace Compliance Services employees be involved in the repair or replacement of the items they inspect or field label. They shall adhere to their job description, relevant standards and respective regulations when performing their jobs. When referring new clients, they shall not make the referral based on their relationship with D.H. Pace Compliance Services. They shall be responsible for conducting their jobs in a professional and safe manner, in order to reach a fair and unbiased conclusion on the inspections they have performed.

D.H. Pace Compliance Services analyzes, documents, and eliminates any potential conflicts of interest arising from its inspection activities. Under no circumstances shall the results of their assessments/judgments be influenced by any internal or external factors.

Staff meets regularly, and as needed, to review and assess the Risks to impartiality on an ongoing basis. Impartiality is also addressed at management reviews.